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The Meadows Chorus - Sarasota, Florida - Sings For You!



Director John Yost - Manager Midge Somes - Accompanist Linda Miska Soler


The Meadows Chorus was organized in January, 1990 by a group of Meadows residents who love to sing. Since that time, the Chorus grown from about 25 men and women to 70 members annually. Membership is open to all singers in the Sarasota area. Rehearsals are held weekly from October through April. Two programs are prepared each year, one for the Christmas season, and the other to be presented in April. This is a non-profit organization, supported by members' dues, donations from clubs, and others, for whom they perform, and from the sale of tickets for the annual Spring Conncert in April. The group performs for nursing homes, retirement homes, charitable institutions, privat clubs, and the like.

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